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Mobile Applications

With the significant increase of both mobile smart devices or smartphones and tablets, mobile applications have become part of our daily life as well as a powerful tool in the business enterprise sector. We now have strong and user – friendly mobile devices which tend to replace the conventional laptops and netbooks, providing an increased portability, policy and acquisition cost. We proceed in accordance with the latest developments in mobile applications, by developing software for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows Phone.

Our company has distinguished itself domestically and internationally in the area of the Mobile Application Development. It has been awarded with the AppWards, which constitutes a highly prestigious award that can be received by an IT company in Greece.

It is the expertise of SOFTWeb that contributed to the development of PocketWarp Mobile Engine, an innovative and award-winning solution, which interconnects the present back-end system (CMS webpage, CRM, ERP etc) with Mobile Applications in terms of content and features.