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PocketWarp Mobile Engine

It is an innovative & award-winning solution which connects your enterprise back-end systems (CMS website, ERP & CRM programs, Social networks etc.) with mobile apps in terms of content and features.


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How it works?

PocketWarp Mobile Engine acts as the middle layer between your enterprise back-end systems and the Mobile Apps. Like a data aggregator that provides combined content to unified mobile applications.


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Main Advantages

The award-winning and innovative solution PocketWarp Mobile Engine has several advantages that make it superior to others. We point out some of them:

  • Highly scalable, enterprise-grade solution It can be integrated into more than one enterprise back-end systems, thus combine data sources and features of multiple systems into one unified Mobile Application.
  • Mobile content & featuresmanagement through your back-end systems.
  • Offline / OnlineMode.
  • Ensures the investment made for the mobile applications.
  • Module – based solution.
  • Statistics – Analytics.